FBC Hereford will be making SS classes and church services available beginning June 7. Before going into the details of each, we recognize the COVID-19 pandemic is not over.  Therefore, we recommend those in the high risk category still participate in activities through online or radio options.  

Each Sunday School class has the freedom and autonomy to decide what is in the best interest of their members.  There is no pressure or judgment for decisions made in the best interest of others.

Our traditional Sunday evening service that has met at 6:30 pm in Café Yahweh will not resume yet, since most of those in attendance also worship at one of the other services.

For those wanting to attend classes or services, we urge you to follow wise and kind guidelines. Here is our plan:
Phase 1—Sunday school classes and worship services resume.  


   ~    Classes will meet in rooms large enough to spread out safely.  Wearing masks is highly
         recommended but not mandatory.  We urge people to practice safe distancing before, during,
         and after each class.  We will plan to make masks available, but encourage those in attendance
         to bring their own.  Our hallways are narrow, so keeping safe distances will take conscious
         effort. There will not be coffee stations.  Members are asked to bring their own materials—
         bibles, paper, and pens.
   ~    BJ Gililland’s class (Boots & Jeans) will meet in the Fellowship Hall
   ~    Acts 29 (John Stagner) will meet in Café Yahweh
   ~    Tommy Rosson’s class will meet in the parlor
   ~    Paula Eubanks will meet in the conference room
   ~    Joe Roger’s class (B.O.B.) will meet in his backyard


   ~    10:50 am Blended Sanctuary Service

      ●  Childcare will not be provided.  Families are encouraged to bring their children to the services,
          including toddlers and babies.
      ●  All items are removed from the pews.  Please bring your own materials. No bulletins will
      ●  No offering plates will be passed.  Instead, tables will be placed at various entrances and exits
          with offering plates on them.
      ●  Meet & Greet time during service will not occur.  In addition, we strongly recommend keeping
          distances of 6 feet or more when conversing before and after the service.
      ●  Every other row will be roped off.  Families are encouraged to sit together while keeping a
          distance of 6 feet or more between other families or individuals.

~    7:00  pm Contemporary Loft Service

      ●  Childcare will not be provided.  Families are encouraged to bring their children to the services,
          including toddlers and babies.
      ●  Chairs will be spaced with safe distances in mind.  We ask that the only reason they be moved  
           is for families to sit close to one another.
      ●  The is an offering box mounted on the wall for tithes and other offerings.
      ●  The congregation will be dismissed in an orderly fashion in order to keep safe distances while
          exiting the sanctuary and building.

Phase 2—Adult choir resumes.  Both rehearsals and performances on Sunday mornings will be limited in size to the number in which singers can safely distance from one another.  
Phase 3—Youth and Kids programs resume.  This includes both Sunday school and Wednesday night activities.  Like adult classes, we will stress the importance of safe distancing along with wearing masks.  

We do not have a timeline for Phase 2 and 3.  Health trends and risks will determine dates for each of these to wisely resume.
Again, we urge those who are in the high risk category (65+ with underlying health conditions) and those posing a risk to others (showing symptoms or having been exposed to others with symptoms or a positive diagnosis of COVID-19) to stay home.  


Above all, we ask for understanding.  This is an unparalleled situation, and we do not want anyone to feel pressure to do anything that would compromise their own safety or conscience.  We merely want to make a few things available for those wanting to make that choice.  We have and will continue to ask God for guidance.  May the wisdom from heaven determine our actions over public opinion or pressures.  Helping everyone experience hope is our aim.


Leadership Team FBC Hereford

     Chris Flickinger (lead pastor)
     Jacob Larra (associate pastor)
     John Stagner (deacon chairman)
     Landon Swan (budget & finance chairman)
     DJ Wager (personnel chairman)
     Lisa Formby (FBK chairperson)
     James Stow (nominating chairman)
     Robby Collier (building & grounds chairman)